Wednesday, December 8, 2010





What a great meeting today!!

Today we nailed down our 2011 project... (Door/Entryway).By our next meeting in Jan. we should have a picture of our door we plan on doing.  We also started scheduling learning projects for 2011..I cant wait till our January meeting.
happily creating Natalie

Thursday, December 2, 2010

2nd Hand Rose

2nd Hand Rose

Virgin Voyage

Judie Gutke, Natalie Carlton, Patricia Foust, Eyvonne Smith, Kathy Rentz (l to r)

The final product of our first project for Journeys Thru Art. The inspiration came from a photo in a magazine of a painting on the wall. We took the 'feel' and colors of the photo and separately created our own interpretations. It was accepted and hung at the Mancuso World Quilt Show in West Palm Beach.
Our next project was just decided on. In between the projects we are doing a Round Robin with dolls.