Friday, June 26, 2015

Field Trip Fun!

Hi all - Karen here, wanting to tell you about our recent field trip.  The plan was to visit McKee Botanical Gardens.

  It started like this:

McKee Botanical just happened to be having a waterlily celebration at the same time our meeting was scheduled - total coolness. Don't you just love when things work out like that?!!

Wild blackberries had their attention...

So here's a little about McKee history -- click on the pic, it gets bigger:

And the men that started it all:

And then Pam making some noise!!

And if you were wondering what Marian was looking up at -- isn't it so cool?!!

As an art group we are always looking for inspiration -- always.  So now I'll share a few of my favorite inspiration pics from the day.


Nature is soooo amazing, it never ceases to excite and motivate me. Yes, perhaps soon you might see one of these as a quilt... perhaps!

Oh, and I can't forget lunch, what would the day be without food!  We went over to the island and had a terrific lunch - will definitely be going back again!

Well that's it from me -- I'm sure the others will have a post or two as well -- it was a GREAT day!

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